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The University Of Pennsylvania Department Of Psychiatry through The Center of Excellence and Innovation in Public Psychiatry and the Penn Center for Mental Health offers a one-year post-residency fellowship in Community and Public Psychiatry. The fellowship was created as a cooperative program with community mental health agency partners and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is designed as subspecialty training for psychiatrists who plan leadership careers in the public sector.

The core of the fellowship consists of supervised work at collaborating public sector agencies in Philadelphia. These field placements are complemented by an academic curriculum that teaches clinical, leadership and administrative/management skills that will provide fellows with the tools and expertise to become part of the next generation of leaders in public psychiatry.

A major part of this program is the ongoing support of a community of previous fellows in the mentoring and supervision of the new fellows.  The fellowship is designed to immerse fellows in clinical team leadership experiences and wide exposure to the range of services in the system in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a particularly rich environment for community psychiatry opportunities with a unique funding structure for behavioral health services.

The active participation of the city Department of Behavioral Health Services provides opportunities for fellows to be involved in a variety of public policy experiences.  Each fellowship experience is individually designed to enhance the skills of the fellow and provides a range of clinical practice sites and academic opportunities. We strive to create a creative learning environment with didactic and experiential learning experiences. Fellows are expected to complete an independent research or organizational project as part of the fellowship.

Fellows receive a minimum annual salary of $95,000 plus full benefits. Additional funding is available for conference and educational activities. Additional funding is available for conference and educational activities. Fellows receive weekly individual supervision from program leadership. They additionally have dedicated time for group peer supervision with their cohort, as well as guidance from supervisors at their clinical site and Department of Behavioral Health Services rotations. For more information please refer to

For more information, please contact:  

Rachel Talley, M.D.
Program Director
Phone: 215-386-3838 ext. 12122

Ashley Un, M.D.
Associate Program Director
Phone: 215-829-5472

Graduated Fellows  

Sheri Hollander (2009) is the team psychiatrist for Horizon House's  ACT team in Delaware County, a unique team that serves both a typical "ACT" population and an equal number of highly challenging young adults (aka "aged out adolescents"), many of whom have been in the behavioral health system most of their lives ·        

Charles Duncan Wright (2009)previously worked at Norristown State Hospital, and is now working as an independent contractor with high-risk populations ·        

Maria Ruiza Yee (2010)is Consultation/Liaison and Street Medicine Psychiatrist at Reading Hospital Tower Health and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Drexel University College of Medicine.

Holly Valerio (2012) previously provide direct clinical care and supervised psychiatric residents in Horizon House’s outpatient clinic for several years; and now works in private practice in Philadelphia, PA and at Penn’s Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. 

Chris Tjoa (2013) worked as Chief Medical Officer of Community Behavioral Health, Philadelphia’s unique public sector managed care entity, for several years; and now serves as Medical Director at Anthem, Inc. 

Katya Tatarchuk (2014) has continued her community clinical work post-Fellowship. After serving as the team psychiatrist for Horizon House’s Community Inclusion and Recovery Center (‘CIRC’), the Wellness Alliance for several years, she is now a staff psychiatrist in the Horizon House Psychosis Education, Assessment, Care and Empowerment (PEACE) program, as well as overseeing resident electives throughout Horizon House’s programs  

Erin Torday  (2015) has been working at the Philadelphia VA helping to develop innovative programming in integrated health 

Branden Youngman (2015) had been Associate Medical Director at COMHAR, a community behavioral health provider in Philadelphia, and is now a staff psychiatrist at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Coatesville, PA 

Aminata Cisse (2016)is now providing tele-psychiatry services in correctional settings in the United States. 

Charles Stanfa  
(2016)Dr. Stanfawas the team psychiatrist for the Horizon House ACT team in Montgomery Countyfor several years after graduation, and is now providing community basedservices in Lehigh County 

Andrew Migliaccio  (2018) the Medical Director at Memorial Outpatient Behavioral Health Center, a large public hospital-based outpatient clinic in Hollywood, FL in the Miami area.

Jasmine Sawhne (2018) was a staff psychiatrist at Horizon House for several years, providing care in Horizon House’s PEACE program, ICM team in Wilmington, Delaware, and its outpatient program. She is now providing clinical services in California. 

Leon Cushenberry (2019) was the team psychiatrist for the non-fidelity, “ICCM”, ACT team at Horizon House, and assisted Dr. Tatarchuk in coordinating resident electives. He is currently in the National Clinical Scholars Program, a 2-year research fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Judith Katz (2019) is the psychiatrist for Intensive Mobile Treatment and Supportive Housing at Janian Medical in NYC.  

Ashley Un  (2019) is providing community-based services via the Hall Mercer Community Mental Health Center in Philadelphia. She joined the Penn fellowship’s leadership team as Assistant Program Director July 2022. 

Kirsy Japa (2021) is currently works at AtlantiCare Behavioral Health serving the Southeastern New Jersey community, including provision of consultative psychiatric services in a federally qualified health center (FQHC) for the underserved and supervision of medical students and psychiatry residents. 

Mark Baptiste (2022) will be joining Cooper University Healthcare as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; he will provide clinical care in various community mental health centers and federally qualified health centers in the Camden area and will also have an administrative role focused on expanding Cooper's footprint from a Community Psychiatry standpoint.  

Sarita Metzger
(2022) will continue clinical work and academic teaching as an emergency psychiatrist in the Friends Hospital Crisis Response Center in Pennsylvania 

Taber Lightbourne
(2022) will be an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts; she will practice general outpatient psychiatry at a hospital-affiliated community mental health clinic and conduct research on improving equity and access to women’s mental health.

Maureen Waweru (2022) will relocate to southwestern Virginia for family reasons, and will serve as an outpatient psychiatrist and teaching faculty member at the Salem Veteran Affairs Medical Center. 

Meera Chatterjee
(2023) will be starting a position at Temple University in Philadelphia on a high acuity consult-liaison service. 

Andrew Hogrogian
(2023) will be starting a position with Virtua Health System in New Jersey practicing collaborative care psychiatry and providing MAT services. 

Hephsibah Loeb
(2023) will continue to work with families as a child psychiatrist at an outpatient clinic in Philadelphia, PA.

Current Fellows   

Edinah Chikunguwo, DO

Dr. Edinah Chikunguwo received a Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Psychology from Howard University and Master of Science and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Lincoln Memorial University – DeBusk College of Ostepathic Medicine. She completed her residency at The University of Tennessee Health Services in Memphis where she served as Chief Resident and received the Resident as Educator Recognition Award. She aspires to be a family psychiatrist who values preventative care, health promotion, patient and policy advocacy, and comprehensive clinical approaches to provide the best care for patients in th econtexts of their family and community.

Program Leadership

Rachel Talley

Rachel Talley, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Talley is Director of the University of Pennsylvania Fellowship in Community Psychiatry. Dr. Talley received her M.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine and completed both her residency training in adult psychiatry (including chief resident year) and a post-residency fellowship in public psychiatry at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute. She is a member of the Board of the American Association for Community Psychiatry and the National Council for Mental Wellbeing Medical Director Institute. She has been recognized for her teaching and leadership in community mental health, including receipt of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychiatry’s Albert Stunkard Faculty Recognition Award for the past three consecutive years (2021, 2022, 2023); and receipt of the 2021 Larry A. Real Award from the Montgomery County PA chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Ashley Un

Ashely Un, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Ashley Un is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and the Associate Director of the Fellowship in Community Psychiatry. She works as an outpatient psychiatrist at Hall-Mercer Community Mental Health Center in Philadelphia and as a consulting psychiatrist for Penn Integrated Care. She is involved in the supervision and education of Penn medical students and residents. Notable accolades include receipt of the 2022 Larry A. Real Award from the Montgomery County PA chapter of NAMI.