Special Projects

The PPLC supports a variety of projects that encourage the implementation of quality community behavioral health services though research, development, education, and interagency collaboration.

PPLC Racial Justice Committee

The PPLC believes that Black representation within behavioral health is there is recognition that marginalized communities require specific attention and targeted approaches to address systemic issues. PPLC intends to grow the focus and support programming dedicated to improving the representation of Black Psychiatrists within our communities and, as time goes on, to address other populations underrepresented in psychiatry, so that the face of psychiatry in the Commonwealth looks like the face of the people of Pennsylvania.

PPLC hosts and ongoing Learning Collaborative comprised of the leadership of the 13 Psychiatric Residency programs in Pennsylvania, facilitated by PPLC and the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society, to improve the recruitment and retention of Black Psychiatrists and development of curricula for training all psychiatrists to more effectively serve Black individuals seeking psychiatric services in Pennsylvania.

The PPLC and the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society (PAPS) have also created a resource list to advance learning about racial justice to improve the clinical skill and knowledge of all clinicians and contribute thereby to improved clinical outcomes and experience for Black Americans.  Please click here to access those resources.

The Pennsylvania’s Coalition for the CommonHealth

The Pennsylvania’sCoalition for the CommonHealth is an outgrowth from the Integrated Care Summit
and Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Counsel (PPLC).

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Commonwealth Collaborative Care Conference – April 16, 2015

Conference Focus: The importance of increasing the link between and meeting individuals’ behavioral & physical health care needs and the collaboration between medical & behavioral health professionals.

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Integrating Physical Health Care And Behavioral Health Care: A Report To The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust

This report is intended to be a comprehensive outline of the multiple issues and challenges faced in establishing a system of health care that treats both the physical as well as the behavioral aspects of Pennsylvanians, especially those in the Lehigh Valley.

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Family Inclusion Competencies For Community Psychiatrists

A Position Paper of the Family Committee of the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council - 05/29/18.  

This position paper provides recommendations for competencies for family inclusion needed by psychiatrists, fellows and residents to enhance treatment for persons with behavioral health challenges and support their families.

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Family Inclusion Training For Community Psychiatry Fellows:

A Position Paper Of The Family Committee Of The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council For Use In The Centers of Excellence - 11/3/09. In writing this document, we are making two assumptions: 1. Fellows will enter with widely  varied attitudes, knowledge and skills in working with families, and 2.There are financial, political and systemic barriers in community agencies that challenge routine work with family members of individuals

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Fayette County Recovery Initiative:

A process to assess and enhance the employment of Recovery Model principles among psychiatrists in the public behavioral health system of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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  • Recovery To Practice:

    Facilitator’s Guide This Facilitator’s Guide was produced as a resource for people who will be facilitating and teaching a course on “Recovery to Practice.”  Recovery to Practice is an American Psychiatric Association (APA) and AACP American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP) collaboration promoting recovery-oriented care in psychiatry.   Download the Guide 2.    Fayette County Recovery Initiative A process to assess and enhance the employment of Recovery Model principles among psychiatrists in the public behavioral health system of Southwestern Pennsylvania.
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