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The PPLC is supports a variety of projects that encourage the implementation of quality community behavioral health services though research, development, education, and interagency collaboration.

Family Inclusion Competencies For Community Psychiatrists
A Position Paper of the Family Committee of the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership 

A Position Paper of the Family Committee of the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council - 05/29/18
Ellen Berman, MD: Kathleen Cantwell, BSW; Edie Mannion, MFT; Phyllis Solomon, PhD

Download the 2018 Family Inclusion Competencies For Community Psychiatrists

This position paper provides recommendations for competencies for family inclusion needed by psychiatrists, fellows and residents to enhance treatment for persons with behavioral health challenges and support their families.

For people in recovery from psychiatric disabilities, the development and maintenance of family/significant supports is critical to sustaining a functional life.  While not all individuals have available families, the majority have some significant people who can affect their recovery in more positive ways if given support.  Involved families and other significant people may at times be challenging, but they provide a way for the person to be part of the relational world. Whether they live with the person or not, they are often aware of their relative’s evolving health or illness, serve as a potential early warning system for relapse, support treatment adherence and carry the burden of dealing with setbacks and emergency care.  The principles of recovery, and of responsible psychiatric care, mandate that whenever possible families should been gaged in as members of the treatment team. They should be offered support for their well being and needs as caregivers.

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